March 29, 2017  
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I get an error message when I try to open the PDF image file for a case?

    Accessing the PDF image file requires that you have a current version of Adobe Acrobat ReaderTM on your computer. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader and try accessing the PDF file again. It may be helpful to open Acrobat Reader before you click on the PDF file.

  2. When I open the PDF image file for a case nothing happens. Where is the file?

    If you already have opened a case image file from CourtBriefsTM then opening a second case image will not create a second window. Instead CourtBriefsTM opens the second case image file in the same window, replacing the first image. Simply cycle through your open applications and select the window with the .PDF image file.

  3. How can I access other law suits not selected for the CourtBriefsTM service?

    Document retrieval, court filing, process serving, skip tracing and pre-employment criminal background and reference checking can all be ordered on-line from the web from Information Source.

  4. Does CourtBriefsTM include access to summaries of verdicts, judgments, and appellate opinions?

    While the scope of CourtBriefsTM is currently limited to new law suits, it will be expanding in the future. Try AccessPlus for summaries of Illinois verdicts, judgments, appellate opinions, and much more including the only on-line source for Cook County Circuit Court dockets.

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